Agile slides

Agile on a page

This is my current slide to describe the agile process.  Of all the methodologies I have worked with over the years this is probably the easiest to represent on a single slide.

A point to note is that the daily scrum activity is just the section on the top right and that there are large amounts of activity outside that which are essential to adopting Agile Methodology in any medium/large development programme.  Mike Cohn talks generally about scaling agile in his book Succeeding with Agile without really going into detailed mechanics of how backlogs can be managed and developed to feed multiple teams on the go without getting all the teams playing constant planning poker.  I will endeavour to put up some mechnisms for backlog managment and other processes that enable effective scaling for mult-team and longer term development programmes in due course.

Agile Fundamental Principals

For me, this sums up what is good about Agile and why we do it.


  1. Hello Matt,

    I was wondering whether we can use your slides on our public site ( to describe what Agile is and how it should be treated, provided that of course we give you credit for this excellent material.

    Our site is a site that is about "Mobile Banking". Agile is one of our paradigms. In a recent post ( we have just scratched the surface of Agile in the context of banks. We are now preparing a second post in which your material would be very useful.