Monday 9 July 2012

Business Model Development for iterative capability improvement.

Well there has been talk on the grapevine about new and upcoming ways of business modelling and talk of disruption of typical methods.
Off the back of that I had a bit of a go at creating a business modelling concept that may provoke some thought.  I have two groups of hexagons with a bridge between the two and the arrows denote the possible path of opportunity between the customer at the top and the supplier at the bottom.  A point to note is that the internal supplier revenue to fund capability is coloured to match the customer input as ultimately "building capability comes from iterative investment and delivery throughout the whole model on an onging basis.

Flow of Activity through the Model. Revenue Return would re-invest in Capability
As you can see it is relatively straightforward, however clearly shows that there are varying elements on the customer side that need consideration. It is not just solving a problem that will make a proposition acceptable, there are large parts to be played by the Customer perception of the supplier.  Customer experience flows directly into the customer relationship and this is the gateway to the proposition even being considered.

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